Sunday, October 30, 2016

Melanated & Educated Part 2

  Let me elaborate on being melanated,educated,and then add opinionated..Well I believe there's a difference in being real and there's a difference in being rude..Realness is not going to be something everyone likes or want to hear,but you can guarantee it will be truth or have some form of truth to it..
Cause the real issue is that not everyone can accept the fact that you can agree to disagree and that my opinion matters just as much as yours, and I'm ok with letting you know that when needed...Noooo this is not about being an angry black woman......The truth of the matter is Why is that everyone else that has an opinion is just being "REAL" but when an melanated,educated,and opinionated woman is and stands behind what she means,then she's an Angry Black Woman....
      There is truth to this...I do agree that delivery is everything.
Nonetheless, there is still a stereotypical name used even when the delivery is everything.  I've learned that there will always be someone who misunderstands you so why worry about everyone understanding?
If I'm humble, and I know my intentions are well....then maybe they are the issue and not my opinion nor my delivery.....


Author: Mrs.  iMe™