Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stay woke....

I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase "stay woke.." In my experience it has referenced people being aware of their culture,their history,their surroundings and or things that are occurring around them that may or not be right..
My spirit was opened up to receiving this in a totally different way,and I would love to share and elaborate on that.
My question is Are you woke?
Are you woke to knowing and recognizing your purpose? Are you woke to your inner being of being aware and recognizing those things that are hindering you from being your best?
Some of us have so much potential but because we are not "woke" we don't recognize it..We continue to go through life in the same circle..making the same mistakes and allowing ourselves to hinder our growth..Instead of learning and growing from any pain,disappoinment,hardships,and or failures,we allow ourselves to become a victim to it mentally. I myself went through this period where mentally I held all my pain in....I experienced a period of anxiety and depression...I'm grateful for God's deliverance from that stronghold at that time..From that period and on,I felt
as if I was finally "woke" ,aware, and able to embrace my flaws...
"Stay Woke"

Author: Mrs.iMe™

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Strong , Independent, & Resilient 

Strength....there's more to it than just the physical...Anyone can train hard to acquire physical strength...But mental strength is another strength within itself.. Having a strong mind isn't something I can say is taught in school, but I can say that it is taught by life. ...
Life has a fond way of knocking you down and making you pick up the pieces . It will make you have no option but to put on  your big boy pants  or big girl panties and just.....DEAL.
Two choices....either you deal or you get dealt with....your choice. Neither of the two will be easy. Why?
Well let's see.... If you deal, then you have to prepare yourself both mentally and physically for the challenges of life. I agree they are not all easy lessons, but I can say that the growth during this process is challenging yet amazing. As you go through the valleys and over mountains, the back window mirror view of that time of your life shows your compelling effort of beating your odds and overcoming adversary.

On the other hand, if you choose to not deal....then you will never  get to see your resilience. Not only will you not see your resilience in hind site, but you will never amount to the best you. You won't have the opportunity to be at your best potential. You won't have the opportunity to look back over your life challenges and see how you were able to overcome them..

I am grateful and happy to say that I have been blessed with the spirit and backbone to have a mindset to want and to overcome and achieve greatness.  I am who I am because of the challenges.

I am happy to say, I Am Me, iMe™!!!!

Author: Mrs. iMe

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God made me Beauty-full

The title of this post is inspired by a book I read as a young girl by Terri McFadden.
It's a book aimed a young African American girls about self esteem. I read it as a youth with other teen girls , and I have since shared it with my own daughter. It's a great read.
I love the title of her book because it can be applied to so many people .
I recently experienced an acquaintance of mine feel very embarrassed about a mental condition she was fighting.....Depression.....
She eventually opened up to me about it and me being me ,I prayed over her,for her,and tried being there for her in whatever way I could. Had she not opened up to me, I honestly could not say I could see any depression signs when I was with her....
With this being said....It goes to show and prove that you never know how your actions may effect someone because you never know what someone is going through....
I agree that God made us all Beautiful....and will continue to uplift,empower,and motivate people to be the best version of themselves in spite of any circumstances.....
Author: Mrs. iMe™
Embrace Your Beauty & Uniqueness
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iMe Melanated & Educated Part 1

 Being educated and aware is a beautiful thing. However, unfortunately, in such an ignorant and demeaning world, it is not an expected quality  of everyone.  Chauvinism goes so many ways. It's not just a male/ female thing. It goes so many ways. It occurs in many job atmospheres. It occurs in many races. Sadly, it's real.
    I choose to elaborate on my experiences with chauvinism. The first issue is that I am a young African American woman. The second issue is that I am educated. The third issue is that I am confident. The fourth issue is that I am opinionated.
 Being a young , educated, opinionated, African American woman sums up to INTIMIDATION for some.
WHY? Don't ask me, I am the receiver of the issue, not the giver?
I feel it is important to educate yourself . You have been given the opportunity to receive education, to better yourself, to be better, so why not make the best of that opportunity???
Now I do feel that there is a big difference between being educated and being a know that arrogant,cocky,SOB...yes I said it and yes there's a difference.

To be continued on part 2...

Author: Mrs. iMe™