Monday, January 22, 2018


Such a simple word.... but such a hard action for some....
You would think that as you age, then automatically you would "grow.."
Yes, physically we do grow; however, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually some of us do not grow.
Growth is so much more than the physical.
It really amazes me how some people remain "stuck"
The harder thing is that we sometimes allow that person to keep us stuck as well.
We patiently wait for them to grow....yet as we wait for them... we become.....stuck as well.

It is so hard to let go of something or someone who has been there with you while you have grown;however, we have to wake up and realize if this person or thing is allowing us to grow or causing us to remain "stuck." Secondly we have to let go of the blame that we are leaving this person behind. Nooo...that's not true. You are not leaving the person behind. That person is leaving and has left themselves behind. To some this may sound cruel, but please know that I am not saying you get where you need to be and leave them high and dry. No, but what I am saying is that you can love someone from afar. You can pray for them to grow, but you don't have to hinder your growth because someone else doesn't recognize your worth, his worth, or her worth.
I've learned to say I love you but I love me more. If  I am not where I need to be mentally and spiritually, then I can't perform at my best. I can't be who or what God has called me to be.
I can't be there for someone else if I am not there for me........

It really saddens me to see someone with great potential and not perform at their best.
It really saddens me to see someone with so many talents not use them....
It really saddens me to see and know that some of us are so afraid to grow.....

~Embrace Your Beauty & Uniqueness~

Mrs. iMe™

Pieces of iMe™

Just wanted to elaborate on the different pieces of iMe. To be exact, I want to elaborate on how the most important pieces of my life relates to iMe.

iMe in reference to my son.....
Well , there are so many things I can say about this , but to keep it sweet and simple, I will chat about the two most important to me. The face that my son is a young, african american male should say enough. Some challenges I have seen is that he is not expected to be as articulate as he is.
What the what??? YES... I said it. Just because my son actually enunciates his words and expresses himself in an articulate manner does not mean he is "weird" nor "acting white" so he  has been call. I actually wish society would teach more of our young men to be articulate. The other issue/challenge he has is that he is never expected to be as mannerable as he is. The thing that I always get is "oh my gosh, he has such great manners" or  " you all did a great job with him"... THANKS.... I guess. I never knew if this was a compliment or not . Is anything less expected??
 Anyhow, I let me my son know that he is imperfectly perfect the way he is...not that he has ever doubted himself, but society can make you  or break you ,and I wanted to be sure that he was not broken. I want to teach him to be confident in himself.... in spite of  what others may think of him.
He's a pretty Dope young man and he is totally secure with who he is.

Mrs. iMe™