Thursday, May 11, 2017

Battle of the Minds......💭💭

Today or should I say this week has been very challenging for me...Most challenges or problems that are faced usually involves another person..Sadly I must say that my challenge only involves me ,myself,and I.
Yes this may pose a question mark for some but if you have ever battled with feelings of inadequacy or doubt,then you know exactly what I mean.
Today I found myself surprisingly doubting and second guessing myself and my abilities.As a new chapter  in a personal piece of my life may possibly be having some changes ,that are actually for the better, that old devil used my mind to cause me to have conflict with myself..
I began to tell myself that I wasn't good enough or that I won't be a good fit for that particular situation. Immediately all of my issues,past pain,and flaws that were meant to break me and cause me to fail were reintroduced into my thoughts and I can  honestly say that for a brief moment I began to live that hurt and pain all over again...
I found it shockingly amazing how that old devil tried to enter my mind and how I almost allowed him to have victory....
Sometimes our biggest battles are with SELF.....This is so true...
Even when you don't have anyone to cheer you on or encourage you, if you can turn on that I can and I will mindset and also do your part to work at what you can ,then you will succeed.
I wrote this blog today as therapy,healing and release for myself but as always, I hope to have encouraged someone else.
Be blessed....

Author:  Mrs. iMe™
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