Saturday, August 10, 2019

Senseless Society

Oblivious to the pain they cause because their hearts are guarded like a cemented wall...

Instead of selfless actions, we are left with less of self because inside they are bitter , confused, & alone ;although outwardly they appear to be big, bad , & strong.

I wish that cowards could put down the guns..
Instead another Mother is left without a son...

To the drunks.... I wish you’d think before you get behind that wheel...

We know your intentions are “never to kill”
;yet with your wayward thinking & drunken cloudy thoughts ,
In just one instance your actions have caused one dreams & ambitions to stop...

To those of you in an abusive relationship; know that abuse comes both physically & mentally.
Know that what you are enduring is far from the norm & there is never nothing right about someone causing you harm.

Hands up,don’t shoot...
Me being the mother of an African American young man....
Me having brothers,a dad, & other friends..
I refuse, I won’t & I can’t be mute..

Blue lives matters... Black lives matters...
Truth of the matter , All lives matters..
But we have got to be real & open our eyes to the unfairness, the injustices  & unnecessary deaths....

To those experiencing thoughts & feelings out of the norm....
Please know that you are loved & needed.
Seeking  help & counsel is here for you....
So please, do not do harm....

This world is cold & fast & will make you feel worthless....
But I pray that my memo gives you strength & let’s you know that someone cares & I’m praying for you to be your best!

Mrs. iMe™️

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The many Me's of iMe™ “MOM”

 As I relate to iMe™  and look back over my life. I am amazed to find that at different times of my life, iMe™  has a similiar yet different meaning and/or connation.
Of course, it will and will forever mean I'm Me as my brand. However, iMe™  as a teen looks different as iMe™  as a mother.... .
Today as a mother , I'm Me still holds its role as being that authentic individual I express with the iMe™  brand.. However, sometimes as  mother, we need to be reminded that we too can place on ourselves the role of being that imperfectly perfect mother... We take on so many roles and most of the time those roles are inadvertently taken on because no one else steps up to the role or no one gets it done like us.
Today as a mother, I am tired & realize that I can't do it all. I won't do it all, and most importantly,
I don’t have to do it all.
Even though me doing it all or at least most of it makes me feel more accomplished, cause let’s be honest , can’t no one do it how we do it how we do it .🀷🏾‍♀️πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
     One of the must haves that I’ve added to my calendar over the past years is a “Me Day.”
“Me Day” is a day where I do nothing. No work.. no chores... no cooking... no cleaning.... Nothing.
I sit , relax , and mostly just lounge and catch up on one of my shows.
It’s not much but it’s just enough for me.
I’ve slacked off on my  me days in the latter months but I have done better with getting them added back to my calendar . πŸ—“
This month my girlfriends and I are catching a movie for my me day.....

So, Mom’s, what I am saying is , don’t forget about you in the midst of everything else!

Be blessed ladies!
Mrs. iMe™️

iMe™⏩⏩I'm Me
Embrace Your Beauty & Uniqueness 

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

My Beauty is Deeper Than What You See

My Beauty Is Deeper Than What You See 

You will never amount to anything!! 
It’s about time something bad happened to her!! 
Oh, it’s all over now!! 

Your words have cleaved to my mind & have elevated my ambition to climb…. 
Your doubts gave me the utmost determination to prove to you that your 
words repel me like an invalid conversation.  

Through the good & the bad, the ups & the downs, 
I refuse to give up & drown… 
I refuse to be who or what you say I am!! 
My God has never left me. 
It is he who has given me the strength to excel 
& with him, I can never fail… 

All of my life’s lessons have molded me for today… 
And it is now & today that I stand up & say that 
I am not who you say I am…. 

I am wonderfully & fearfully made… 
My purpose is not your purpose.. 
Because my purpose is to uplift & uphold,  
In spite of how you treat me… 

My purpose is to motivate & help alleviate other’s struggles  
& to remind them that through God all things are possible.. 

The possibilities and the limits that you have placed on me, 
Obviously never offended, nor distracted me.. 
The pot holes that were placed in my life, 
the obstacles, 
 the valleys, 
 the back stabbing with the knives… 

You might want to rethink me & get your mind right 
Because I can & I will do all things with Christ…. 
This beauty of mine is much deeper than you can see…. 
It’s a total reflection of where God has brought me…

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