Thursday, July 14, 2016

iMe™ Dark Skin & Confident

iMe Dark Skin & Confident

 I want to elaborate on this design a little more. This particular motto was dedicated to my daughter. She is a beautiful dark skin young lady. However, there were school mates and so called friends of hers who liked to joke about it, make up names to call her, and attempt to make her feel " not so pretty." My daughter had always been a pretty confident yet humble person. Nonetheless, I noticed that she began to struggle with her identity. She was told that she is " Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl", she was told that " boys wouldn't like her because she's too dark."  She was given little nicknames. Honestly, I could care less at her age about whether boys liked her or not. Luckily, she and I are able to joke about the nicknames today. We actually look back and find them rather amusing.

It saddens me how society and other peers can be so mean, hateful, and degrading towards others. That's why I feel it's important to talk with your kids, especially teens. I am so grateful and blessed to have kids who are open to talking to me. I pray that we keep our communication as open as it is now. 
I constantly remind my kids that being different is not a bad thing. It's not bad to stand out. It's not bad to be the person who is doing what you know is the better option. It's not bad to do right. It's not bad to be you. 

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