Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Remain Humble.....

             Remaining humble is easily said than done. It takes a lot of self discipline and prayer. I honestly don't think I could do it without prayer. One of the hardest things for me to do in life is being strong for others even when I feel like I want to break. My family is my weakness. Racism has been around awhile and sadly it still lives. It saddens me how people can pass this disgusting trait down to their kids.
     It's very real and unfortunately my daughter has dealt with this during her middle school years.She is a very beautiful ,intelligent,and confident dark skin young lady. I can and will elaborate on this more in a future blog, but I needed to touch basis on this just a little to have a point of reference for today's blog. My point is that as I grow and learn more, it's easier for me to overlook negativity and ignorance, but it's harder for me to see my children having to learn to deal with it. As a child, my dad told me that there will always be ignorant people...I understood what he was saying, but I have a better understanding now. I have also had to tell my kids this. 
     We all have an option as to how we respond to ignorance . I will admit, that I have responded and was one of those persons who responded in a not so loving way. However, as you grow, you learn that there is a better way to respond. I am instilling this better way into my kids at a young age because sadly they have faced ignorance at a young age.Sadly I have been on the receiving end of hateful words as an adult,and I'm happy to say that I've grown into a more mature person to be able to handle those situations in a mature way.
    Although some of life's experiences and challenges weren't so fun during the time, I now can see and understand the purpose of them. I thank God for keeping me during those hard times. I am grateful for those challenges bringing me into a more humble person. ~iMe~

Author:  Mrs. iMe
Biblical Reference:Isaiah 55:12

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