Sunday, April 9, 2017

Stay woke....

I'm sure most of you have heard the phrase "stay woke.." In my experience it has referenced people being aware of their culture,their history,their surroundings and or things that are occurring around them that may or not be right..
My spirit was opened up to receiving this in a totally different way,and I would love to share and elaborate on that.
My question is Are you woke?
Are you woke to knowing and recognizing your purpose? Are you woke to your inner being of being aware and recognizing those things that are hindering you from being your best?
Some of us have so much potential but because we are not "woke" we don't recognize it..We continue to go through life in the same circle..making the same mistakes and allowing ourselves to hinder our growth..Instead of learning and growing from any pain,disappoinment,hardships,and or failures,we allow ourselves to become a victim to it mentally. I myself went through this period where mentally I held all my pain in....I experienced a period of anxiety and depression...I'm grateful for God's deliverance from that stronghold at that time..From that period and on,I felt
as if I was finally "woke" ,aware, and able to embrace my flaws...
"Stay Woke"

Author: Mrs.iMe™

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